NetBSD on an alix2d2

Time had finally come to update my alix2d2 board which worked as a DHCP server for over two years under NetBSD 4.0. Reason for the upgrade was that the CompactFlash for OS storage had only 256 MByte (which was quite sufficient for the job). I wanted to use the machine also as a server for my weather station, since my old weather server (an IBM T21 laptop) died some time ago. Unfortunately I did not document the steps to set up the CompactFlash, so I had to figure out the needed steps again …

Installation of NetBSD 5.0.2 on theCompactFlash for the Alix board was made on an old Pentium III machine (ok, ok – it is good enough for that task!). The CompactFlash used is a Sandisk ultra II with 2 GB, which was connected to secondary IDE via a CF-apatper, I also obtained from PC Engines. Installation of NetBSD 5.0.2 on the Pentium III machine was straight forward.

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